One More Reason To Address An Employee’s Negative Behavior

Say you are a manager/leader in your organization.  Say you have an employee or two that act out somewhere in the organization.  You figure, the problem will take care of itself either through the person leaving, lower management addressing it, or their co-workers addressing it.  You are a leader after all, in mid or evenContinue reading “One More Reason To Address An Employee’s Negative Behavior”


“No” is a complete response. I had the great pleasure of spending sometime this week with a friend and colleague, Deborah Siegel, PhD.  While talking with Deborah, she shared something amazing. She said she has a place in her office where she marks down when she says ‘no.’ So why is saying no a bigContinue reading “No.”


One of the greatest hurdles to productive group implementation is one of the easiest to solve, listening.  Was everyone heard is a major indicator in whether or not the product of a decision will be implemented and the percentage of support it will receive. When we look at the model of group decision making –Continue reading “Inclusion”

Public Speaking

Yesterday I held a TEDxWomen event here in IL, on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Michigan, outside of Chicago, in the amazing suburb of Winnetka.  I learned a few extremely valuable lessons in the compact time I had to organize it, raise money for it, pick speakers and implement it all. 1)  It isContinue reading “Public Speaking”

Marketing vs. Engagement

I believe both nonprofits as well as for profits often confuse sales, marketing and engagement.  Or even more challenging weight engagement last.  The fact is, without engagement of donors, clients or customers your sales and marketing have far less impact.   Social media absorbs so much of our time these days.  One of the greatContinue reading “Marketing vs. Engagement”

Being A Leader Isn’t Always Convenient.

Being a leader isn’t always convenient.  It means goals and team first, ego second.  Anyone can say they are a leader, but then place blame, point fingers, pout, complain, bully, etc.  But only true leaders have the strength to rise above listening to their egos.  It isn’t easy, but that is what makes a trueContinue reading “Being A Leader Isn’t Always Convenient.”

Leader or a ‘Leader’?

Are you or are you working for a leader or a ‘leader’? One of the best qualities of human nature is our desire/ability to believe the best in people and/or that we can inspire change.  Often this is true.  Sometimes it is not.  The trick is identifying the point in which you are investing tooContinue reading “Leader or a ‘Leader’?”