One of the greatest hurdles to productive group implementation is one of the easiest to solve, listening.  Was everyone heard is a major indicator in whether or not the product of a decision will be implemented and the percentage of support it will receive.

When we look at the model of group decision making – orientation, discussion, decision making, and implementation – it’s easy to identify where verbal contribution factors in.  So the path is clear.  The challenge is the engagement piece.  Is everyone’s voice being heard?  Is everyone being asked to contribute.  Even if someone does not have something to contribute, the request and offer for them to contribute is critical, as is the sense of inclusion. Whether one decides to contribute or not, has less impact on outcomes than whether or not they felt included.  A sense of  inclusion is paramount to the decision to support the outcome.

What’s all of the above mean?  Want to tank your project quickly?  Have someone who was involved in the project bad mouth it.