Epiphany Planning & Development offers comprehensive services designed to help organizations survive in today’s “new” economy by identifying and cultivating their strengths so they can successfully compete.

We focus on retention and growth efforts through obtaining incentives and/or grants.

Grant Resources Membership Site , Developing Good

Monthly & Annual Membership Options -Online Grant Writing Resources, Articles, Templates, Webinars, PowerPoints, Blog, etc. Consulting help without the consulting price tag. You’re busy, train on your time. Whether you’ve got 3 minutes or more than 30 access materials to accommodate your time while building your knowledge.

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Grant Research, Writing, & Administration  

Epiphany Planning & Development provides grant research, writing, and administration of government and/or foundation funds.

Organizational Development, Employee Engagement, & Growth

Engaging people and evaluating processes to create organizational dynamics that support growth and increase ROI.

Speaking, Training & Workshops   

Pricing   Both Fixed Fee, and Hourly Rate competitive plans available.

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