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Epiphany Planning & Development has over twenty-five years of helping manufacturers, businesses, governments, and individuals succeed. We focus on strategic planning, economic development, and construction management consulting and services. We are here to help you continue to identify ways to increase ROI through defining strategy and maximizing the pathway to growth.

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Epiphany Planning & Development offers comprehensive services designed to help businesses and organizations thrive. Our support allows you to do what you do best and maximize your ROI.

Strategic Planning for Process & People

Government, Business, Nonprofits

Additionally, Certified Allovance 

Certified Allowance Decision Coach, saving you more than 50% of the time spent on Strategic and Capital planning by simplifying your decision making process.

Predictive Index Certified for Employee Planning

Owners Representation & Workforce Development


  • Business Growth Strategy
    • Workforce Development Consulting & Training
    • Owners Representation & Facilitation Services

Workforce Development Consulting & Training 

Owners Representation & Facilitation Consulting & Services


over twenty-five years experience

With over twenty-five years working with businesses and organizations, Denise Dahl, President of Epiphany Planning & Development,  continues to focus on her mission  to help others increase organizational ROI and growth through strategic planning,  people, and project facilitation.

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Denise Dahl, MPA, has proven success working with and consulting to a wide range of clients including manufacturers as large as General Mills, and as small as startups, working with businesses, manufacturers, government, and nonprofit organizations in California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Along with the actual ‘doing’ Ms. Dahl has also taught/teaches at Trine University, Bluffton University, and Bowling Green State University in the areas of International Business, American Government, Public Administration, as well as Leadership.

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