Commit To Mutual Support, Double Your Success

I saw the above in a random post this morning.  I’d like to take that 2% and up it to the 20% reminder Pareto’s Law conveys. Shape it how you want to, 20% of the people in your life cause 80% of the problems, 80% of your time goes to 20% of your customers, etc.Continue reading “Commit To Mutual Support, Double Your Success”

Set Your Goal, Listen To Yourself

This TEDx video from the TEDxWomen event I organized has one of my favorite thoughts within it…Marcia, who swam the English Channel, notes when people discourage a goal, call it crazy, etc., it equates to “leveling the field” – the notion that if they can’t do what you are aiming for, then you can’t either.Continue reading “Set Your Goal, Listen To Yourself”


One of the greatest hurdles to productive group implementation is one of the easiest to solve, listening.  Was everyone heard is a major indicator in whether or not the product of a decision will be implemented and the percentage of support it will receive. When we look at the model of group decision making –Continue reading “Inclusion”

Public Speaking

Yesterday I held a TEDxWomen event here in IL, on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Michigan, outside of Chicago, in the amazing suburb of Winnetka.  I learned a few extremely valuable lessons in the compact time I had to organize it, raise money for it, pick speakers and implement it all. 1)  It isContinue reading “Public Speaking”

Planning vs Doing

First of all, I love Seth Godin.  If you haven’t ever read any of his stuff please do so immediately following the end of this blog post.  He is a genius.  I love him for many reasons, but mostly because he speaks to my urgency addicted, results driven frame of mind while helping me embraceContinue reading “Planning vs Doing”

More Is Less & Multi-Tasking Is A Lie

I can remember when multi-tasking was framed as the end all be all to solving heavy work loads.  The premise of multi-tasking while antiquated still lurks and a large number of organizations.  It does so to the detriment of those organizations.  Not sure if my statement is accurate?  The following is a great read withContinue reading “More Is Less & Multi-Tasking Is A Lie”

Brainstorming…Maybe Not The Right Path

In Susan Cain’s brilliant book, Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, `there is a passage which discusses brainstorming and the psychological dynamics.  Turns out psychologists often identify three reasons for failure in brainstorming, social loafing, production blocking, and evaluation apprehension. Social loafing, we’ve pretty much all experienced it at someContinue reading “Brainstorming…Maybe Not The Right Path”

You Get What You Settle For

It doesn’t matter if you are the employee or employer, you will get what you settle for guaranteed, probably even less.  Sure it is important to set realistic and achievable goals for all involved in the work place, but if you don’t know your people, how do you know what they are capable of doing?Continue reading “You Get What You Settle For”

Why Personality Assessments

What is the value of personality assessments?  A minimal and comparatively low-end investment can unleash employees latent qualities or abilities which can be developed into ongoing greater success for the organization as a whole. Employees feel engaged in personality assessments.  Why?  Because it is an element that triggers the feeling of one’s own importance in theContinue reading “Why Personality Assessments”