Good Advice, For Good Managers

I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin.  This certainly isn’t the first quote of Godin’s that has surfaced within the blog posts on this site.  While Mr. Godin is all about marketing, his thoughts expand far beyond just that topic. I promise you, if you read his posts and/or books you’ll pull great information from them,Continue reading “Good Advice, For Good Managers”

Urgent vs. Important

It is true, many of us work and/or live in environments that are fueled by doing what is ‘urgent’.  The question is, who defines what is urgent? It is important to occasionally take a step back and review your own mission, goals, etc. and determine if your daily actions and activities are leading you towardsContinue reading “Urgent vs. Important”

Women, The Workplace & Self Esteem – Like Watching A Rerun

My summer reading pile is almost all books about women.  Books about women in the nineteenth century, women and self esteem, women and leadership, women in politics, etc.  All very interesting, all research for articles and a book I’m drafting out.  And while these books are interesting, all too often there is a common threadContinue reading “Women, The Workplace & Self Esteem – Like Watching A Rerun”

Action Trumps Ongoing Discussion

Action trumps ongoing discussion.  Think about the issue, have a meeting or discussion to find the best course of action and then move on it.  Failure to pull the trigger and then relapse into ongoing consensus and meetings is the path to an ongoing loss of productivity and ROI. Be active, be accountable.

You Get What You Settle For

It doesn’t matter if you are the employee or employer, you will get what you settle for guaranteed, probably even less.  Sure it is important to set realistic and achievable goals for all involved in the work place, but if you don’t know your people, how do you know what they are capable of doing?Continue reading “You Get What You Settle For”

Don’t Bargain

I’ve always loved the following quote: “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi The reason is that so often either subconsciously or consciously we stop ourselves from committing all we can whether in work or relationships.  Sometimes weContinue reading “Don’t Bargain”