Commit To Mutual Support, Double Your Success

I saw the above in a random post this morning.  I’d like to take that 2% and up it to the 20% reminder Pareto’s Law conveys. Shape it how you want to, 20% of the people in your life cause 80% of the problems, 80% of your time goes to 20% of your customers, etc.Continue reading “Commit To Mutual Support, Double Your Success”


“No” is a complete response. I had the great pleasure of spending sometime this week with a friend and colleague, Deborah Siegel, PhD.  While talking with Deborah, she shared something amazing. She said she has a place in her office where she marks down when she says ‘no.’ So why is saying no a bigContinue reading “No.”

Public Speaking

Yesterday I held a TEDxWomen event here in IL, on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Michigan, outside of Chicago, in the amazing suburb of Winnetka.  I learned a few extremely valuable lessons in the compact time I had to organize it, raise money for it, pick speakers and implement it all. 1)  It isContinue reading “Public Speaking”

You Must Recharge

My friend Melissa once told me chickens brood, sitting in what could appear to be a very unproductive manner, in order to be uber-productive later. I’m paraphrasing that a bit.  Melissa said it much better-she lives on a farm and knows things and knew I needed to dial it down at the time.  All thisContinue reading “You Must Recharge”

Ratty Transgressions

There are all types of very important, official sounding words to describe group/team conflict dynamics. We can talk about proportional or perceptual conflict, but what it all boils down to on most occasions when conflict goes from productive to toxic is what I like to call “rats in a cage conflict.” “Rats in a cageContinue reading “Ratty Transgressions”

Action + Accountability Trumps Ongoing Mind Numbing Discussion

Think.  Discuss.  Act.  Be Accountable.  That is all you need to succeed. There is a direct correlation at a point in ongoing discussions showing reduced productivity and positive outcome.  Early collaboration and action has a cost benefit.

Action Trumps Ongoing Discussion

Action trumps ongoing discussion.  Think about the issue, have a meeting or discussion to find the best course of action and then move on it.  Failure to pull the trigger and then relapse into ongoing consensus and meetings is the path to an ongoing loss of productivity and ROI. Be active, be accountable.

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation?  Our culture has the propensity to value competition over all else. Often rooted in the Darwin alleged theory of survival of the fittest.  I’m not sure how Darwin’s theory morphed into the manner of how we often flippantly interpret it. I am however sure that interpretation is off baseContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation”