Yesterday I held a TEDxWomen event here in IL, on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Michigan, outside of Chicago, in the amazing suburb of Winnetka.  I learned a few extremely valuable lessons in the compact time I had to organize it, raise money for it, pick speakers and implement it all.

1)  It is true, when opportunity knocks and you aren’t sure how to tackle the opportunity, say yes anyway, and figure it out along the way.

2) A great thing is a great thing.  My event sold out without advertising and I covered cost with investing less than 2 hours raising the $8,000 I wanted to do the event well.

3)  If you need help, ask.  I didn’t ask for help for any of the process except for the day of the event.  That was a mistake on my part as I could have shared this amazing experience with others.

4)  There is an endless flow of amazing people when you look for them.  The event featured 12 of these amazing people and their incredible stories.  Some of the great speakers yesterday, Julia Collins who is the 2nd winningest Jeopardy contestant of all time, Marcia Cleveland, who swam the English Channel – her book,,  Jeanne Bishop who shared her story of mercy and grace after several members of her family were murdered – her book:, and so many other wonderful women.

TEDxWomen and TEDx in general are the most amazing examples of an institution that has created a platform for truly, as they say, sharing “Ideas Worth Spreading”.

Nine of the twelve speakers at day’s end yesterday…