Grant Search Databases, Pay or Free

Searching for grants? Looking for a database to speed the process along? There are numerous options, but two things you should consider before pulling the trigger. Consider the following before either buying or subscribing to a grant database tool, costs and time investment. Cost is usually the number one consideration of those seeking to speedContinue reading “Grant Search Databases, Pay or Free”

Shiny Object Syndrome & Grants

Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS) is that feeling we get when we are easily distracted.  It happens a lot when we are delaying something we don’t feel ready to tackle. It is right up there and often overlaps with being a “procrastilearner.”  Procrastilearning is when you keep substituting research and learning, more than you need to,Continue reading “Shiny Object Syndrome & Grants”

Two ‘Must Haves’ In Grant Writing

There are approximately 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the U.S.  Suffice to say if you are a nonprofit with a desire to go after grants your competition is most likely heavy. Mission and vision are important, but equally important when applying for a grant are budget and planning.  Why?  Because the majority of the 1.5Continue reading “Two ‘Must Haves’ In Grant Writing”

How Much Should I Pay For A Grant Writer? 4 Things To Consider

“How much should I pay for a grant writer,” is probably one of the top five frequently asked questions I receive.  So if it is on your mind, here are four items to consider when you are considering hiring someone in-house or as a consultant. Hiring in-house vs. consultant.  Consultant costs will appear steeper perContinue reading “How Much Should I Pay For A Grant Writer? 4 Things To Consider”

Incremental Dismantling of Communities

Working with and in communities in the capacity of economic development for over two  decades I’ve seen the subtle, incremental dismantling of good economic development practices.  Incremental dismantling of a community is created and fueled by poor public administration, misguided policy, and ego driven behaviors. Economic development in many communities is taking place at theContinue reading “Incremental Dismantling of Communities”

Lack of Concentration=Less Productivity

What is the cost of distraction within the workplace?  Do the math… if it takes approximately 20-ish minutes to return to the point of focus prior to a distraction, social media continues to increase our level of distraction, well you get the picture. Ongoing distractions impact our ability to concentrate. We live in a world thatContinue reading “Lack of Concentration=Less Productivity”

Influencer vs Sales Professional

Last week I had a fantastic conversation with a professor who teaches sales and marketing on the university level.  We discussed perception vs. reality in sales within our world which is full of real and wishful “influencers.”  Bottom line is influencers talk at their audience, as that is their deal, they influence.  In the worldContinue reading “Influencer vs Sales Professional”

Low Investment, Increased Employee Productivity

Decades ago, when I was a stressed out adult probation officer, someone gave me a book on meditation. I was hooked upon experiencing the positive outcomes of meditating. I occasionally taught meditation classes in groups and even to high school staff. Decades later I’m busy running a business, teaching in higher ed. and generally tryingContinue reading “Low Investment, Increased Employee Productivity”

Accountability Gets A Bad Rap

Oversight is very popular, and obviously necessary within the workplace.  Accountability seems to be less of a mandate, and that is a problem.  The only way to engage yourself, employees, and/or customers is to combine oversight and accountability. I’m not sure when accountability fell out of fashion, but a lack of accountability equates to lostContinue reading “Accountability Gets A Bad Rap”