The Neuroscience Of Positive Leadership

Research on the neuroscience of positive leadership, to me, seems like the best idea ever!  If you have positive leadership, creating a positive organizational culture, things start to take care of themselves, ROI, productivity fall into place.

Brainstorming…Maybe Not The Right Path

In Susan Cain’s brilliant book, Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, `there is a passage which discusses brainstorming and the psychological dynamics.  Turns out psychologists often identify three reasons for failure in brainstorming, social loafing, production blocking, and evaluation apprehension. Social loafing, we’ve pretty much all experienced it at someContinue reading “Brainstorming…Maybe Not The Right Path”

Why Personality Assessments

What is the value of personality assessments?  A minimal and comparatively low-end investment can unleash employees latent qualities or abilities which can be developed into ongoing greater success for the organization as a whole. Employees feel engaged in personality assessments.  Why?  Because it is an element that triggers the feeling of one’s own importance in theContinue reading “Why Personality Assessments”

The Collective Impact Approach

The Collective Impact Approach, while originally targeted within the social sector translates well into business and manufacturing.  Especially if the entity is experiencing challenges with individual productivity and/or peer-to-peer accountability.  This happens everywhere but can at times be more prevalent within a union culture.  The basic tenets of the Collective Impact Approach (CIA) are as follows:Continue reading “The Collective Impact Approach”

Leadership Is Not Generic

The words ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ get tossed around like there is no tomorrow.  They have become generic, which is a disservice to the further development of leaders.  That is one reason I am over the moon about The Harvard Business Review‘s post on the archetypes of leaders.  It is worth a read if you areContinue reading “Leadership Is Not Generic”

Turning Your Back On Opportunity

Yesterday I was out recruiting at retail sites.  Prior to my start I popped into a major department store for something I needed and happened to fall into a conversation with someone who recruits for the store.  He started with “the pickings are slim out there.”  I thought he was exaggerating. Now I am notContinue reading “Turning Your Back On Opportunity”

The Benefits Of Multitasking Are Fictional But It Feels Good

Multitasking is something so many of us are proud of being able to do.  We live in a culture that creates environments that are not sustainable.  So rather than demanding more realistic environments we are predisposed to believe it must be our failing that all is not possible. The following is a great article onContinue reading “The Benefits Of Multitasking Are Fictional But It Feels Good”

Morning Pick Me Up

In search of a daily pick me up?  I receive these daily and have never been disappointed:   Free Daily Quote for October 15, 2012 Monday Morning Motivation! “Stop looking at life through a keyhole…open the door to opportunity…get involved, and CREATE the YOU that you CHOOSE to become.” -Thomas D. Willhite Looking at lifeContinue reading “Morning Pick Me Up”

Being Rational Doesn’t Serve Well

I find the follwing quote validating and liberating.  Einstein once said, “I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” I came across the above quote while reading a blog post worth a read if you are so inclined,