Yesterday I was out recruiting at retail sites.  Prior to my start I popped into a major department store for something I needed and happened to fall into a conversation with someone who recruits for the store.  He started with “the pickings are slim out there.”  I thought he was exaggerating.

Now I am not naive.  I’ve spent a lot of years working with people, businesses and nonprofits on the issues of employees not being engaged and re-engaging them.  Still, I was overwhelmed with the state of the retail employees I came across.  The majority of stores I walked into felt like I was surrounded by the night of the living dead.  I was amazed at how many employees actually turned their back when I or other customers walked in…literally turning their back on opportunity.  I’d put money on the corporate financial performance will mirror the individuals performance sooner rather than later.

So my question is this.  Why wouldn’t you operate in a manner that has you performing and leaving it all on the floor every single day.  I’m not talking crazy, overstretched, running yourself into the ground, but rather bringing your best self, your best effort and best for whomever is signing your paychecks?

Gut check…if you find you are among the night of the living dead folks, ask yourself why.  No matter where you work it is important to remember this:

You don’t HAVE to work there, you GET to work there.  And if you aren’t bringing it and leaving it all on the floor at day’s end, do yourself and frankly everyone who works with you a favor and start looking for employment where you feel motivated and/or inspired to bring your “A” game.

Additional gut check…are you blaming your employer, co-workers…for your lack of performance?  If so, check yourself…you and you alone are accountable for your performance.  Ask for what you need to be your best and if it isn’t available, no excuses, find an environment where it is.



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