Commit To Mutual Support, Double Your Success

I saw the above in a random post this morning.  I’d like to take that 2% and up it to the 20% reminder Pareto’s Law conveys. Shape it how you want to, 20% of the people in your life cause 80% of the problems, 80% of your time goes to 20% of your customers, etc.Continue reading “Commit To Mutual Support, Double Your Success”


One of the greatest hurdles to productive group implementation is one of the easiest to solve, listening.  Was everyone heard is a major indicator in whether or not the product of a decision will be implemented and the percentage of support it will receive. When we look at the model of group decision making –Continue reading “Inclusion”

Avoiding Conflict, The Abilene Paradox

There is a dynamic that seems like a smooth path, but leads to bumpy results – the Abilene Paradox is this dynamic.  So what is the Abilene Paradox?  It is when healthy debate and outcomes are foregone in place of conflict avoidance.  Basically it is putting consensus above positive outcomes and productivity. Interestingly, the AbileneContinue reading “Avoiding Conflict, The Abilene Paradox”

How To Motivate

I read this article today and enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.  My favorite part: “Autonomy means we don’t like being told what to do. Once we feel we’re being pushed around, we check out.” The article is brief, but has some excellent advice/reminders of the simplicity of actually engaging workers andContinue reading “How To Motivate”

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation?  Our culture has the propensity to value competition over all else. Often rooted in the Darwin alleged theory of survival of the fittest.  I’m not sure how Darwin’s theory morphed into the manner of how we often flippantly interpret it. I am however sure that interpretation is off baseContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation”

Without Connection You Have Nothing

In coaching, just as in management, without connecting you have nothing.  Well, nothing long-term that is.  Can you motivate by fear?  Yes.  Can you motivate by pressure? Yes.  Can you motivate through goal setting and plan implementation?  Yes.  Will the motivation turn into long-term behavioral changes?  No. Long term behavioral changes take an investment ofContinue reading “Without Connection You Have Nothing”