Being a leader isn’t always convenient.  It means goals and team first, ego second.  Anyone can say they are a leader, but then place blame, point fingers, pout, complain, bully, etc.  But only true leaders have the strength to rise above listening to their egos.  It isn’t easy, but that is what makes a true leader stand out.

Want to know if you are a leader?  Ask yourself, are you strong enough to put others before yourself?  Are you wise enough to let go of your personal feelings for the greater good?  Are you tough enough to be kind rather than feeling you must be right?  Businessman Arnold Glasow in my opinion sums it up nicely in the quote below.  Being a leader means bringing a level of thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice that most likely will never be acknowledged, and that is okay, because self acknowledgement isn’t the goal, moving forward together is.