Are you or are you working for a leader or a ‘leader’?

One of the best qualities of human nature is our desire/ability to believe the best in people and/or that we can inspire change.  Often this is true.  Sometimes it is not.  The trick is identifying the point in which you are investing too much time in a group or working for a ‘leader’ who has no desire to tread down the path you feel is leading to success.

I’m not indicating that you are smarter and know better regarding what is best for the group or place of employment, maybe you do , maybe you don’t.  I am indicating that you know what is best for you.

If the leadership in whatever circle you may be in is toxic or turbulent it isn’t really leadership, it is a dictatorship.  Not to say there shouldn’t be some type of change, there should.  Change is necessary in our current business environment.  Failure to change no longer leaves you just static, it leaves you behind.  But change can either be productive or counterproductive.  And only one of those two scenarios comes with leadership.

Not clear on what constitutes a failure of leadership?  Here is a big red flag, orders are more prevalent than discussion or conversations.  Without concern for communication, clearly concern for participation, fulfillment, smart production, etc. will not exist.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.