It Is All About Timing

I’ve been deliberating about several career moves lately.  It can be hard to discern at times which thoughts are just good ol fashion fear of failure and which thoughts merit examination.  We all are capable of making plans, it is the unknown outcomes that muddy the waters that can wash over your path along theContinue reading “It Is All About Timing”

What Is It Really Worth? Or, If You Aren’t Contributing Give Up Your Seat At The Table

With stats showing over 75% of the U.S. workforce is unhappy with their job(s) you have to begin to wonder why they stay. Where is the value for them in maintaining the misery, not only for themselves, but most likely, the ripple impacts their family and friends? Money and/or family, is the response I mostContinue reading “What Is It Really Worth? Or, If You Aren’t Contributing Give Up Your Seat At The Table”

Dear Control Freak

Dear Control Freak…This is not a judgement, but a confession.  I use to be a control freak.  The whole giant amalgamation of every stereotype that comes with the term.  I wanted to control time, outcomes, visions, dynamics, etc.  I like to look back and think to myself, ‘how adorable you thought that controlling everything was possible or productive.’Continue reading “Dear Control Freak”

The Positive Impact Of Complaining

As for the positive impact of complaining…there is none. There are positive outcomes to constructive feedback, offering alternatives, and/or taking ownership of a potential new course of action. I’m not saying that your life is happy, joyful, fun-filled all the time as we know this is not the case.  I am saying framing action addressing theContinue reading “The Positive Impact Of Complaining”

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation?  Our culture has the propensity to value competition over all else. Often rooted in the Darwin alleged theory of survival of the fittest.  I’m not sure how Darwin’s theory morphed into the manner of how we often flippantly interpret it. I am however sure that interpretation is off baseContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation”

Less Than Perfect, More Than Magnificent

On Being Brave I am not change adverse.  I change all the time, jobs, homes, cities, states.  Sometimes people view that as being brave.  Sometimes people view it as being weak.  It is all perspective.  We are who we are and those who try to define us really have no say in the matter. IContinue reading “Less Than Perfect, More Than Magnificent”

The Joy In Taking On “Drastic” Changes

A beautiful, talented, under utilized, under appreciated friend said yesterday she is making “drastic changes.”  My response to that is “YAY!”  Sometimes we need to jump to rise up out of our funk.  I think a post from Dr. Bryan Schuetz says it best.  The good doctor’s post include the following (some I’ve paraphrased.) AsContinue reading “The Joy In Taking On “Drastic” Changes”

Change Is Good (Not Always Easy, But Good)

I came across the picture and quote below today.  Is it time to pull the trigger on some change action you’ve been thinking about and/or discussing?  The truth is that there is no amount of discussion, thought or planning that will guarantee what you want.  The only way to find out how it ends, isContinue reading “Change Is Good (Not Always Easy, But Good)”