In Your Face

Want to lose weight?  Do the yoga plow pose and have a roll of fat from your gut right up in your face.

Now the example of the woman above shows you the pose part not the fat part.  I could show you the fat part, but trust me…you do not want to see it.  I don’t want to see it and it is my fat.

This is all an excellent reminder that to address any change, we must first acknowledge the need/issue is there, right in front of our face waiting to be changed.  The only thing it is waiting on is our action.

One thought on “In Your Face

  1. I believe in my heart of hearts that real growth. Permanent transformation, never takes place as a result of beating ourselves into submission. It is not until we believe beyond a doubt that we are accepted and loved no matter what (by ourselves) that the truest parts of our being stop hiding and come out to play. And this is when it really gets good. Mmmmmmm. Really good.

    Sure. Take a good hard look at where you are. What it all looks like and feel the feelings that come up as a result, but stay safe in all your judgements surrounding it, without moving through the pain anger resentment to a place of forgiveness and you miss the gift as well as stifle your growth and risk knowing and allowing others to know your truest self.
    Such a fine line between getting real and getting real.


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