With stats showing over 75% of the U.S. workforce is unhappy with their job(s) you have to begin to wonder why they stay. Where is the value for them in maintaining the misery, not only for themselves, but most likely, the ripple impacts their family and friends?

Money and/or family, is the response I most often hear in regards to folks who consciously show up to a job they don’t like, and often full on hate.  One, your family and friends want you to be happy.  Two, there is most likely a job out there for you that you’d enjoy and would pay what you need to live a happy life. Three, if you are not looking for a better job, you can not find a better job.  And four, perhaps there is someone out there that would really dig the job you are in.

Summary:  If you are at the table and not contributing, give up your seat to someone who will.  You can’t find the right fit and fall into the right slot without shaking things up a bit.