What’s Your Zone of Genius?

What is your zone of genius?  A lot of us reside in a working world hanging out in either a zone of competence or a zone of excellence.  This may sound like a positive, but hanging out in a zone of competence or even excellence is why we have over 70% of employees disengaged. HowContinue reading “What’s Your Zone of Genius?”

Urgent vs. Important

It is true, many of us work and/or live in environments that are fueled by doing what is ‘urgent’.  The question is, who defines what is urgent? It is important to occasionally take a step back and review your own mission, goals, etc. and determine if your daily actions and activities are leading you towardsContinue reading “Urgent vs. Important”

“A Stalled Revolution”

The following is from and interesting article on women in the workplace.  The full article can be found here. “In recent years, however, the percentage of women in top management positions and on corporate boards has stalled: As recently as 2011, their presence in top management positions in S&P 1500 companies was less than 9 percent. AlthoughContinue reading ““A Stalled Revolution””

Set Your Goal, Listen To Yourself

This TEDx video from the TEDxWomen event I organized has one of my favorite thoughts within it…Marcia, who swam the English Channel, notes when people discourage a goal, call it crazy, etc., it equates to “leveling the field” – the notion that if they can’t do what you are aiming for, then you can’t either.Continue reading “Set Your Goal, Listen To Yourself”

Action + Accountability Trumps Ongoing Mind Numbing Discussion

Think.  Discuss.  Act.  Be Accountable.  That is all you need to succeed. There is a direct correlation at a point in ongoing discussions showing reduced productivity and positive outcome.  Early collaboration and action has a cost benefit.

How To Be Professional

How to be professional…  Workplaces can be full of all types of thinking, both good and bad.  The challenge with over 75% of the national workforce being unhappy at their current jobs comes when you see how that spirals out throughout the workplace dynamic/culture. So how do you protect yourself and remain professional in aContinue reading “How To Be Professional”

Are You A Gardner Or A Flower?

“If you only show up when you want something, we’ll catch on.” Source:  http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/06/the-professionals-platform.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2Fsethsmainblog+%28Seth%27s+Blog%29 Doesn’t matter if it is at work or at home, there are gardeners and there are flowers.  Flowers type people are the people who can be described by the quote above quite often.  Flowers can often seem pretty but they canContinue reading “Are You A Gardner Or A Flower?”

Accepting Help vs Expecting Others To Do It For You

My biggest, fattest most overwhelming challenge is my ability to ask for and/or accept help.  I know this and I am working on being more open and letting the blessings flow not just out of me, but back to me as well.  Having said that it does bring to light that we all need helpContinue reading “Accepting Help vs Expecting Others To Do It For You”

Performance or Potential

Whether you are a CEO, middle manager, leader, coach, friend, spouse or whatever are you focusing on people’s performance or their potential? So often because we are results driven we have the propensity to focus on past performance.  Focusing on performance makes us feel safe and in control, stable.  But focusing on performance will notContinue reading “Performance or Potential”