My biggest, fattest most overwhelming challenge is my ability to ask for and/or accept help.  I know this and I am working on being more open and letting the blessings flow not just out of me, but back to me as well.  Having said that it does bring to light that we all need help on occasion.  And asking for help is a brave and lovely thing to do as it allows others to give and feel glorious doing it. Not to mention it feels outstanding to feel the support of others. The converse to this scenario however is expecting help, in which I mean having others do for you what you should be doing for yourself to grow.

Looking for and getting others to do your work is many things.  It is convenient, easy, saves time, etc.  What it is not however is helpful or empowering.  Every time we face a challenge or hurdle there is opportunity for growth and empowerment.  It is all to easy to spend more time trying to parse out, or excuse away, what you do not ‘feel’ like doing or want to do then it would have taken to just do it.

It boils down to this, if you have the capability to do something new, and you know in your head and/or heart it is your responsibility to do so, do it.  If you do not have the capability, ask for help, and then be open and grateful in receiving it.