How to be professional…  Workplaces can be full of all types of thinking, both good and bad.  The challenge with over 75% of the national workforce being unhappy at their current jobs comes when you see how that spirals out throughout the workplace dynamic/culture. So how do you protect yourself and remain professional in a world that has a large percentage of disengaged workers?  I suggest two things.  One, if you do not hold the target, the arrow will be less likely to come your way.  That is to say, your integrity is what you have going into and leaving a job, guard it and don’t open yourself up to the engagement of counter-productive activity.  Two, focus on facts and quality within your workplace, and the specifics of your job.  Don’t get distracted. Facts and quality are solid.  Regardless of workplace politics facts and quality are two items that will support your integrity day in and day out.

The bottom line here is people on average don’t enjoy a negative atmosphere, but do often participate in it.  So note to self, you can’t change what you feed.