“No” is a complete response. I had the great pleasure of spending sometime this week with a friend and colleague, Deborah Siegel, PhD.  While talking with Deborah, she shared something amazing. She said she has a place in her office where she marks down when she says ‘no.’ So why is saying no a bigContinue reading “No.”

Venting vs. Full Blown Toxic Behavior-Build Your Mental Blanket Fort

As human beings we all have moments when we feel overwhelmed or perhaps slighted.  This is normal and healthy and a positive as it is proof you are paying attention to your own life.  But there is a line, and it is not a fine one, between venting and being toxic.  Toxic behavior obviously impactsContinue reading “Venting vs. Full Blown Toxic Behavior-Build Your Mental Blanket Fort”

Dear Control Freak

Dear Control Freak…This is not a judgement, but a confession.  I use to be a control freak.  The whole giant amalgamation of every stereotype that comes with the term.  I wanted to control time, outcomes, visions, dynamics, etc.  I like to look back and think to myself, ‘how adorable you thought that controlling everything was possible or productive.’Continue reading “Dear Control Freak”

How To Be Professional

How to be professional…  Workplaces can be full of all types of thinking, both good and bad.  The challenge with over 75% of the national workforce being unhappy at their current jobs comes when you see how that spirals out throughout the workplace dynamic/culture. So how do you protect yourself and remain professional in aContinue reading “How To Be Professional”

The Positive Impact Of Complaining

As for the positive impact of complaining…there is none. There are positive outcomes to constructive feedback, offering alternatives, and/or taking ownership of a potential new course of action. I’m not saying that your life is happy, joyful, fun-filled all the time as we know this is not the case.  I am saying framing action addressing theContinue reading “The Positive Impact Of Complaining”