Venting vs. Full Blown Toxic Behavior-Build Your Mental Blanket Fort

As human beings we all have moments when we feel overwhelmed or perhaps slighted.  This is normal and healthy and a positive as it is proof you are paying attention to your own life.  But there is a line, and it is not a fine one, between venting and being toxic.  Toxic behavior obviously impactsContinue reading “Venting vs. Full Blown Toxic Behavior-Build Your Mental Blanket Fort”

How To Be Professional

How to be professional…  Workplaces can be full of all types of thinking, both good and bad.  The challenge with over 75% of the national workforce being unhappy at their current jobs comes when you see how that spirals out throughout the workplace dynamic/culture. So how do you protect yourself and remain professional in aContinue reading “How To Be Professional”

How To Motivate

I read this article today and enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.  My favorite part: “Autonomy means we don’t like being told what to do. Once we feel we’re being pushed around, we check out.” The article is brief, but has some excellent advice/reminders of the simplicity of actually engaging workers andContinue reading “How To Motivate”

Executive Presence, Checklist

The following is a post regarding what a boss needs to remember.  It is great etiquette  and a nice checklist when it comes to presenting an executive presence.  The one that caught my eye and that I see most often is number eight, “Don’t Forget Your Facial Expressions.” So often we are not aware ofContinue reading “Executive Presence, Checklist”