How To Motivate

I read this article today and enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.  My favorite part: “Autonomy means we don’t like being told what to do. Once we feel we’re being pushed around, we check out.” The article is brief, but has some excellent advice/reminders of the simplicity of actually engaging workers andContinue reading “How To Motivate”

More Is Less & Multi-Tasking Is A Lie

I can remember when multi-tasking was framed as the end all be all to solving heavy work loads.  The premise of multi-tasking while antiquated still lurks and a large number of organizations.  It does so to the detriment of those organizations.  Not sure if my statement is accurate?  The following is a great read withContinue reading “More Is Less & Multi-Tasking Is A Lie”

Meditation, ROI

While meditation is definitely becoming more sexy as a topic of conversation than it was over twenty years ago when I started meditating there still seems to be a view of it as recreational rather than an investment with high returns. The following companies provide it for employees: Numerous Hospitals,  Apple, Prentice Hall Publishing, Google,Continue reading “Meditation, ROI”

Discretionary Effort

I had a discussion this past week with a manager for a firm that had a poor last quarter showing.  He couldn’t quite put his finger on the slip in dynamic.  It was a great conversation and a testament to paying attention to employee relations. It is important to remember  positive or negative production/outcomes can beContinue reading “Discretionary Effort”

Giving Up The 80% For The 20%

An article from Inc. discusses at least 51% of employees are searching for new jobs at any given time.  This brings to mind two things, one, why, and two, are they giving up 80% of the good for 20% of what they perceive to be better.  Let’s face it, the 51% figure demonstrates a misalignment inContinue reading “Giving Up The 80% For The 20%”

Focus People, Focus!

“Meditation is as important as lifting weights and being out here on the field for practice,” -Russel Okung, offensive tackle, Seahawks. Meditation and mindfulness are at a distinct disadvantage as they often are linked to ‘hippy’ like behavior.  If you look at the research and science on it, be it related to productivity or health,Continue reading “Focus People, Focus!”

If You Want To Maximize Productivity, Don’t Minimize Sleep

An article in Inc. recently talked about the ten reasons working too much and sleeping too little is just plain wrong.  It doesn’t matter who you are and what you believe, sleep matters.  So whether it is you skipping sleep or your employees’ workload making them cut back, the bottom line is this.  Lack of sleep,Continue reading “If You Want To Maximize Productivity, Don’t Minimize Sleep”

Happy Employees, It’s Not Easy

I had to read an article with the title of “5 Foolproof Steps to Happier Employees” because rarely is anything “foolproof.”  But while reading it, there it was, the universal mis-belief… “Don’t ask about things you can’t or won’t change.” I’m not on board with the ‘don’t ask’ part, as ignorance in business is not bliss.  AndContinue reading “Happy Employees, It’s Not Easy”