An article from Inc. discusses at least 51% of employees are searching for new jobs at any given time.  This brings to mind two things, one, why, and two, are they giving up 80% of the good for 20% of what they perceive to be better.  Let’s face it, the 51% figure demonstrates a misalignment in perception, as it is representative that once employees jump to a new job they don’t stay content forever.

How to address this employee loss and the cost it takes to hire and re-train is easy.  Give employees the time and opportunity to be mindful of their true situation, not what they perceive work to be while under stress.  How?  Mindfulness and meditation opportunities and exercises.  This will help employees tune into the 80% of what is good and make a metric, not emotional based decision on whether to stay or go.  This will aid the company in retaining quality talent while the more emotionally immature will still move on.  An inexpensive solution to a costly issue.

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