Customer Service

The brief article, linked to below, is an interesting read regarding customer service, and includes this very valid statement, “There is only one customer, the one in front of you.”

Click here to read the article.

One thought on “Customer Service

  1. Those are indeed great principles but there are customers out there that no matter what you do or say, they’ll always be a jerk! I’ve been in the wireless retail industry (cell phones) for 12 years now and I’ve heard every little piece of customer service etiquette there is. My problem lies with a customer, the customer needs to have some etiquette when going to the place of business they are looking to receive help from. Customers will find any little thing to piss and moan about and write a negative review to stick it to them. Rather than leaving a negative response, learn how to write constructive feedback on how to improve. Business take what customers have to say to heart. Don’t be a dick to the customer service rep on the phone or in the store because you may not like how they do things. I can tell you the reason why the employee is not willing to help you is because you’re the 100th person to say whatever it is that’s pissing you off telling them what THEY need to change. No front line employee is going to have the power to change the things you are asking for. Most companies have also have a feedback page on their website. I can tell you at my place of employment there are hours upon hours of training on customers service. Customer services is the ONLY thing now and days that sets us apart. But to put it simply, I will always have an “I can help you” attitude. Now if you’re going to be a jerk you’re pushing me more and more away from helping you. I get it if the customer feels like they’ve been wronged they have every right to be upset. But don’t be a dick to the person who’s trying to help you. The rep will do everything they can while being empathic, yet that’s not good enough. The general public is like a child, they’ll piss and moan until they get what they want. They’ll play the Mom said No so I’ll go ask Dad game. The public has been trained to think this is an acceptable way to behave when interacting with customer service reps. By no means and I discrediting your post but would like to shed some light on the other side of things. I’d love to debate more in the future. Cheers.


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