Marketing vs. Engagement

I believe both nonprofits as well as for profits often confuse sales, marketing and engagement.  Or even more challenging weight engagement last.  The fact is, without engagement of donors, clients or customers your sales and marketing have far less impact.   Social media absorbs so much of our time these days.  One of the greatContinue reading “Marketing vs. Engagement”

Dealing With It

Yesterday I had a conversation with a sales manager at a company that is going through a lot of great changes.  The conversation was about how to deal with change.  Change is great, without it progress will lag if it exist at all, but change usually isn’t embraced. The dichotomy  (and disaster) with change inContinue reading “Dealing With It”

Sales. Are You Prepared?

Two things have struck me in the past few days about sales.  One, do not pursue sales aggressively until you are prepared.  Two, sales is about the other guy not you. Sales equals growth which is great.  However, growth prior to preparation and/or capacity is not so great.  Depending on your size the not soContinue reading “Sales. Are You Prepared?”