Social media is here to stay and often I am asked the question of whether it is for marketing or fundraising.  My answer is both as marketing and fundraising meld into one.  If you are a small, or even medium sized nonprofit you are already understaffed so the trend of fund development melding with marketing should be good news…at least you can do them together.  Easy and impactful ways of doing so will be included in upcoming posts.

Marketing and fundraising are all about messaging.  They are about communicating with and engaging donors, not talking at them or trying to sell them.  Social media is here to stay and not embracing it is the same as leaving money on the table. Luckily it can be utilized without a lot of expertise and without a lot of upfront investment.  Low cost outreach…what’s not to love?!  Network for Good has a great graphic, the one below, showing a ten year trend of online donations, and it only continues to grow.

social media