Action Trumps Ongoing Discussion

Action trumps ongoing discussion.  Think about the issue, have a meeting or discussion to find the best course of action and then move on it.  Failure to pull the trigger and then relapse into ongoing consensus and meetings is the path to an ongoing loss of productivity and ROI. Be active, be accountable.

Marketing vs. Engagement

I believe both nonprofits as well as for profits often confuse sales, marketing and engagement.  Or even more challenging weight engagement last.  The fact is, without engagement of donors, clients or customers your sales and marketing have far less impact.   Social media absorbs so much of our time these days.  One of the greatContinue reading “Marketing vs. Engagement”

Who You Impact

I’m not crazy about end of the year review lists, etc.  I believe regardless of the day the level of importance you give it the level of importance it will have.  Unfortunately we don’t always feel we are making a positive impact.  Here is the good news,  if you are trying, you most likely are. Continue reading “Who You Impact”