I’m not crazy about end of the year review lists, etc.  I believe regardless of the day the level of importance you give it the level of importance it will have.  Unfortunately we don’t always feel we are making a positive impact.  Here is the good news,  if you are trying, you most likely are.  Even better you are most likely impacting people in ways you will never know about.  So pay attention every day and do your best to provide some good.

I love the fact that people in 95 countries have viewed my blog.  Countries I may never go to and people I may never know.  I love even more that they have had a positive impact on me by merely viewing my work.

You don’t have to change the world to make an impact.  You just have to try to contribute something positive, be it in the form of writing, art, speech, etc.   It doesn’t need to be perfect to be appreciated.

I’m not sure who the person/source at laughitout-v on tumblr is who created/posted the picture I’m including.  I am sure however that it has made a difference to me.