Set Your Goal, Listen To Yourself

This TEDx video from the TEDxWomen event I organized has one of my favorite thoughts within it…Marcia, who swam the English Channel, notes when people discourage a goal, call it crazy, etc., it equates to “leveling the field” – the notion that if they can’t do what you are aiming for, then you can’t either.Continue reading “Set Your Goal, Listen To Yourself”

The Most Unpopular Blog Post In The World

I’m not sure which is a bigger disservice, when we are told that life is meant to be easy or when we are told that our lack of success is because we aren’t tuned into ourselves.  Both make it sound like life is this magical and easy path we meander down.  We hear these messagesContinue reading “The Most Unpopular Blog Post In The World”

Why Is Hard Work Unpopular?

You could be Helen Keller and still see the trend over the last decade is the ‘easy solution.’  Lots of articles, programs and speakers telling us that we only have to visualize or think about what we want.  They tell us that if it is right it will be easy.  Now I’m all for visualizationContinue reading “Why Is Hard Work Unpopular?”