You could be Helen Keller and still see the trend over the last decade is the ‘easy solution.’  Lots of articles, programs and speakers telling us that we only have to visualize or think about what we want.  They tell us that if it is right it will be easy.  Now I’m all for visualization and positive thought; however, true success requires some work as well.

When did work, especially hard work, become a representative of the wrong way?  Why is it so many people flock to those who make reaching goals seem fun and easy.  Can it be fun and easy?  Absolutely, but again, fun and easy with work, not without.

My fear for the future is that ‘work’ becomes like the word ‘failure’ and people see it only in a negative light.  We are all ready seeing the results of efforts based in fluff rather than solid effort.  Crappy products, copied templates and programs altered only by substitution of words and big ideas with little to no substance, especially upon implementation.  We are collectively becoming a cartoon characterization of capitalism.

Hard work does not have to be draconian to be valuable.  Many folks know that hard work is an amazingly good time when it is doing something you believe in and/or love.  It is also a necessary if you want your company and/or your career to survive.