Productivity… TED Talk: Yves Morieux: How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done

Very interesting TED Talk on rules, the workplace and productivity.   What is the real goal and where do we focus in our processes – finding someone to blame if failure happens or do we focus on success? Is your company culture shaping a dynamic making it a positive for personnel to collaborate outside ofContinue reading “Productivity… TED Talk: Yves Morieux: How too many rules at work keep you from getting things done”

The Neuroscience Of Positive Leadership

Research on the neuroscience of positive leadership, to me, seems like the best idea ever!  If you have positive leadership, creating a positive organizational culture, things start to take care of themselves, ROI, productivity fall into place.

Yes, Yes, You are a genius

It is excellent when people speak and write brilliantly, and even not brilliantly about growth, betterment, self-awareness, self-improvement, etc.  There is a value to reading and listening to their stuff.  Ahh, the question becomes, “What are their actions?” Hello rubber, meet the road.  I will preface the following with the words ‘the line is alwaysContinue reading “Yes, Yes, You are a genius”

It Sounds Lovely, But…

I read the following the other day: “I am bigger than anything that can happen to me.    All these things, sorrow, misfortune, and suffering, are outside my door.   I am in the house and I have the key.”   ~ Charles Fletcher Lummis  (As posted on Facebook by Inspiration-Unlimited-For-You) I find this such aContinue reading “It Sounds Lovely, But…”