I read the following the other day:

“I am bigger than anything that can happen to me.    All these things, sorrow, misfortune, and suffering, are outside my door.   I am in the house and I have the key.”   ~ Charles Fletcher Lummis  (As posted on Facebook by Inspiration-Unlimited-For-You)

I find this such a lovely quote and idea. But if I do not believe it, it is worth nothing.  As with this quote, as with life, belief is the key.

If you are told to do something at work and you do not believe in the plan, how does that process shake out for you?  You will work at less than an optimal level, with less than optimal results.

If you are told you are loved yet you do not believe it how does that end for you?  It ends with more than just you feeling unloved.

If you tell yourself you have a fantastic goal yet you do not truly believe it is attainable, how does that process flow?  It doesn’t.

Belief is your key.  If you have been looking for a magic bullet, you will find it in the form of belief.  Without belief action is possible, but it will not bring the outcomes and stellar results action with belief brings. And do not kid yourself with the lie of saying it isn’t a plan or a statement you can believe in so your efforts are futile. That is an excuse, not a fact.  You have a mouth, yes?  Use it to create conversations that will make it into something you believe in.

Most likely you use your mouth for all kinds of counterproductive reasons (read: complaining) every day.  Use it instead to for all kinds of productive conversations that will lead you and others into ideas and areas of true belief.  You will be astounded with the outcomes!