How To Be Professional

How to be professional…  Workplaces can be full of all types of thinking, both good and bad.  The challenge with over 75% of the national workforce being unhappy at their current jobs comes when you see how that spirals out throughout the workplace dynamic/culture. So how do you protect yourself and remain professional in aContinue reading “How To Be Professional”

The Positive Impact Of Complaining

As for the positive impact of complaining…there is none. There are positive outcomes to constructive feedback, offering alternatives, and/or taking ownership of a potential new course of action. I’m not saying that your life is happy, joyful, fun-filled all the time as we know this is not the case.  I am saying framing action addressing theContinue reading “The Positive Impact Of Complaining”

How To Motivate

I read this article today and enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it.  My favorite part: “Autonomy means we don’t like being told what to do. Once we feel we’re being pushed around, we check out.” The article is brief, but has some excellent advice/reminders of the simplicity of actually engaging workers andContinue reading “How To Motivate”

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation

Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation?  Our culture has the propensity to value competition over all else. Often rooted in the Darwin alleged theory of survival of the fittest.  I’m not sure how Darwin’s theory morphed into the manner of how we often flippantly interpret it. I am however sure that interpretation is off baseContinue reading “Survival of the Fittest? Competition vs. Cooperation”

What Just Happened?

This week I found myself asking myself “What just happened?!”  I had just finished raising my voice towards an employee.  That isn’t me.  That isn’t behavior I approve of or exhibit.  So what just happen? I want to preface this with I’m overjoyed that I had the knowledge to recognize I was at the beginningContinue reading “What Just Happened?”