I attended an event this morning for a foundation’s 10th anniversary.  Each table participated in the breakout session, assigned with a specific topic.  My table’s topic was leadership.  Everyone around the table was asked to share how they show and facilitate leadership and had already been asked to share something recent they are proud of.  The last woman to speak at the table said she wasn’t really a leader in any way.  Ironically it was she, who for me, is the one that showed the greatest leadership.

The last speaker at the table shared what she was proud of, prior to sharing she wasn’t really a leader. She shared, very authentically, that she is proud of addressing the issue of caring for her mother in a manner that made her self manage her own fears, expectations and projections and come to a place of acceptance and positive forward movement, along with a positive outlook with the entire new dynamic she was facing with her mother.  She perfectly articulated and is modeling every quality a good leader has.

Leaders are not defined by a career path or vocation.  We all know or have experienced people in management positions who are not good leaders.  Leaders are those who can self manage their needs and their ego, placing the greater goal, be it professional or personal, in front of their singular vision.  She is a leader.