Who Is In Charge Here?

How much do we love to think we are in charge!  At work we like to feel we have control over our domain and blame either our bosses, subordinates or customers when all is not going well.  Go ahead, feel you are in control, but is that really serving you and the business?  Ask Netflix.

Netflix lost over 800,000 customers in the past quarter.  Largely this was due to their assumption that they were in control.  Clearly, based on the number of customers/clients that exited and the subsequent response from Wall Street, Netflix is not in charge.  Those that utilize their product are in charge.  While Netflix has made a significant turnabout in its pitch, still 800,000 customers are now gone.  Can you imagine losing 8 customers let alone 800,000?

Never under-estimate the power of the purchaser.  They certainly will not.  Because like you, they want to feel they have control.

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