You’ve already done the math in your head that tells you 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. For the stats you can visit .  We can talk until we are blue in the face about why this dynamic exists.  But I strongly believe it is rooted in a few basic ‘truths’.  One, change is hard.  Two, we are often living urgency addicted lives that tell us if we believe, visualize, etc. things will happen.  Both of those ‘truths’ are correct.  However, there is an additional component that needs to be added into the mix and it is ‘work’.  You have to do the work.  Sometimes it is hard work, uncomfortable, it might leave you standing alone or standing among people you are unfamiliar with and/or it may upset those who are accustomed to your current so-called ‘life’.

What it boils down to is this… Employers will have unproductive, or less than ideal workforces and employees will have jobs they are not engaged in until someone pulls the accountability card for something more than just productivity/dollars.  We are settling for less than we could have, as individuals, organizations and corporations because the bar seems respectable regarding outcomes.  The reality is if you implement an engagement plan you could be seeing an altogether new, much higher, metric of what success really can look like increasing all your positive assets including productivity, dollars and engagement.