What Is Your Return On Investment

Burnout / Balance - Business Concept


Return on investment (ROI) usually conveys a corporation’s return, but what return on investment are you being provided and/or seeking by investing in your job?  The following are a few indicators regarding the matter.

1)  Are you invested in your job at all?  If not, clearly there will be no return other than your pay.  Studies have shown most people don’t work for pay primarily, they seek additional means of validation so be careful not to fool yourself into settling for less.

2)  Are you even thinking about what you get out of your job?  This one can go either way.  Either you are so blissful in your position you never consider it.  Or, you have given up and never consider it.

3)  Do you have a personal barometer you’ve created to even measure what a positive ROI would look like to you?

Why are these factors important?  You can’t grow as a person or professional if you have not yet identified what a positive ROI would be for you and your career.



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