What is your truth?  Hint, I asked for “your truth” not someone’s version of what you should be or think or feel.  Not how you feel you should respond to others or how you feel pressured to respond to others.

Defining “your truth” serves you and the world in two ways.  One, it helps you weed out what and who really doesn’t fit into and/or on your path/in your orbit.  For example if your boss’s belief system and reality is different than yours, that is okay, respect it, but begin to find a place that fits you and your beliefs.  This may mean making some sacrifices in other areas, etc., but if it is your truth and path, I promise you that you won’t mind.

Secondly, defining your truth is a reality check.  If you say you believe the best type of person or situation, place or thing that is great, but it is also a reminder that “your truth” is not the truth of everyone around you, around the world and it certainly isn’t universal.

All this is to say, when you speak and walk the walk of your truth you will end up among others like you making your life a pleasant journey.  To do otherwise equates to the simple analogy of a square peg in a round hole.  Management alert…if you are a manager, or leader you must be very cognizant that while you are leading others, your truth must be for the good of the many, not the few (as in you and your opinions alone.)  Your truth must be in line with the organization’s mission.

Of course it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  To truly live fully you need to remain open to others and their thoughts, feelings, etc.  While you have your own belief system, perhaps you may still learn some great new things along the way.