Badly is how things end when you let your circumstances define you, rather than defining yourself and creating your circumstances.  We have all had a moment or week, month, year, etc. where we let where we stand define who we are.  It can feel comforting to take an (your) onerous situation and blame it on someone or something else.  This can be bad habit or maybe it is a simple as a survival tactic to march on one more day.  But here is the thing, it delays your progress. 

I happen to have the good fortune of having a very, let’s just say, un-smooth life right now.  It has empowered me to look at who I am, who I surround myself with and who (including me) is interested in progress and who is not.  If your life is feeling like at any given moment a “Sleestak” (children of the ’70s will get that reference) is coming around the corner, than step back and look at the ‘whys.’ 

The ‘whys’ are not always a fun and/or enjoyable thing to deal with; in fact, they almost never are.  The ‘whys’ however also operate under the alias of ‘road block to progress.’  If you do not look at and address ‘why’ you continue to stand where you are and instead continue to blame your ‘circumstances’ then you will have done one thing and one thing alone, become the single reason/circumstance that is blocking better days.

I love the first 90 seconds of this Les Brown video.  Very few people can tell the story of overcoming that Mr. Brown does. I believe it is an excellent reminder that at no time are our circumstances greater than our capacity to overcome them. And always remember, like         Mr. Brown says, “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”