What Management Model Are You Using?

So often we take time to set goals, plan, develop missions, etc.  However, we often overlook a major component.  The ‘how’ of implementation.

Regardless of the size of your business/organization, participative approaches to management are important to consider.Are you evaluating how each/your participative management approach(s) works? Do you annually or better yet quarterly consider its particular output, strengths, costs and potential tweaks. Are you utilizing one of the stronger participative approaches, “high-involvement management” involving employees financially and psychologically?  Or maybe modeling a more integrative management approaches to involve people at all levels of an organization? 

Whether you are using participative management or another type of management, the important factors to remember are the approach you use is directly linked to your productivity, or lack thereof, and cost/cost savings.  Given that, it is worth evaluating your tools regularly.

Word Cloud "Strategic Planning"

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