Do you feel as if you are struggling? Fantastic!  In a world that presents immediate gratification and that everything should be easy, struggling doesn’t seem fashionable.  But guess what…fashionable or not, it paves the road to your dreams.

We don’t really tune into ourselves unless we feel the push and pull of life.  Struggling helps us sort through how bad we want something, what it is truly worth to us.  Struggle sows the seeds of our great rewards.  Proof that struggle weeds out the suckers…

Abraham Lincoln had numerous disasters in his life, even lost eight elections.  Without facing and dealing with struggle he would not have become a great President.

Tyler Perry lived in his car so committed to his passion that he would not settle for anything less.

Below is a short clip with some more examples of great people who struggled, worked through it, and reaped the passion they were working towards all along!

While it might be easier and possibly at times more lucrative to tell people it is easy…I’ll do you the great favor instead and share…life isn’t suppose to be easy…it is suppose to be worthwhile.