I go back and forth on the importance of stability and ‘rooting’.  Sometimes I think I, and others, get too comfortable in life and rather settle than grow.  Sometimes I think that we all have a tipping point and we should be aware of ours and others and respect them.

I am more of a boundary and limits pusher.  This does not always serve me.  It is why I fell on my head in yoga and why I currently have a heel injury and two numb toes from training for a half marathon.  While pushing the limits has helped me grow and experience a ton of great stuff, I occasionally forget to check in with myself.  And occasionally, like the half marathon this weekend, I miss out on an epic fun goal because I pushed too hard and didn’t respect my limits.  While I get to go and volunteer for the American Cancer Society it will not be the same as running the half and all those 5, 8, 10+ mile runs are now just preparation for no end goal.  So where is the balance?

The balance comes from being honest enough with yourself and knowing yourself well enough to listen to what you know is your truth.  Balance comes from having the fortitude and sometimes just plain guts to push outside of your comfort level.  Balance also comes from listening to your own inner wisdom.  The truth is we all know we are usually capable of doing more than we currently are doing.  So pushing yourself is good.  What is not good is shoving yourself.  Strive to the point of thriving, not flailing.