“I don’t have time” is a favorite mantra of many of those I coach, and let’s face it people in general.  Here is the thing though, you do have time.  We all have the same amount of time each day.  It isn’t whether or not you have time, it is whether or not you are using your time wisely and prioritizing.

If you find yourself constantly feeling you have more ‘stuff’ than time you might want to do yourself the service of a self check.  Ask yourself the following:

Do I track everything I do all day? (This forces you to acknowledge your actual productivity.)

Are there obvious time sucks going on in my life that are not productive?

Am I carrying someone’s dead weight to avoid confrontation?

Am I using organizational tools to help maximize efforts?

Have I, or anyone, checked the workflow process?  Are we making it harder than it has to be?

How much time am I burning just frozen in stress?

The question of getting things done comes down to one thing…priorities.  If it is a priority you will get it done.  If you find you are not getting it done, it is not a priority to you and you need to either restructure and/or change your environment.