See The Value, Even In A 2001 Corolla

I drive a 2001 Corolla.  I love it.  This car has literally driven from sea to shining sea and then some!  Some of my friends and family don’t love my car as much as I do however.  I see its growing imperfections as character, things coming unglued, etc.  They see them as a reason to get a new car, perhaps even embarrassments.

Yesterday the inside door handle on the passenger’s side broke off in my hand.  This means rolling down the window to open the door at the moment.  Again, not so much appreciated by some on lookers.  But to me, the minute that handle broke off a fantastic opportunity was created.  I’m going to fix it myself!  Ordered the part off of ebay for $5.36 last night.  My car’s challenges create growth opportunities for me.  Like a good friend it provides both support and growth for me.

I don’t know how long this relationship will last.  The Corolla has over 126,000 miles on it and there is a fairly decent shot there will be a future blog post about how installing an inside door handle made me triumphant via a short path on the insanity trail.  But I do know this… Whether it is a person, place or thing, we miss the best opportunities, growth and happiness wise, when we are seeking purely the easy/convenient path.

One thought on “See The Value, Even In A 2001 Corolla

  1. This is both brilliant and hilarious. I love it. Thank you for sharing. Convenience & privelege can lull one into a coma of dullness if not careful.


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