We are always hearing the return on investment (ROI) term thrown about at work, sometimes at home as well.  But what about return on effort (ROE)?  ROE is the heart on soul needed to maximize ROI.  But when was the last time you, or you had your employees clearly write out their desired ROE?

Most everyone knows what their job is.  And we all identify with what we are paid, the tangible.  More important however is the intangible, the ROE.  If we do not define what it is we are looking for regarding the return for/on our effort, we certainly cannot expect anyone else to identify it.  And that is when trouble and a lack of fulfillment can kick in.

Take a moment, an hour, a day or whatever it takes to define what you are looking for your ROE to be.  The sooner you define it, the sooner you will be a major player in the company’s overall ROI.