How many times a day do you look at your watch or ask someone what time it is if you don’t have one?  Does watching time make it go quickly or slowly?  It depends on the task at hand or what is on the road ahead doesn’t it?  What if you did away with the ‘time’ piece of the equation and just focused on tasks?

First of all this is not a blanket permission slip to show up late to anything. (Being late does not make you important, it makes you disrespectful.)  On the contrary it is an opportunity to be fully in the moment and completely immersed in the task/activity.  Again, the pace of time frames, we think, how fast or slow something seems to be progressing.  What does time have to do with progress anyway?  Nothing.  Paying attention to time just distracts you and fuels your dread or steals from your joy.

Forget about watching the clock; however pay attention to your schedule.  If that means setting a reminder or alarm of some type for 10 minutes before you need to wrap it up so be it.  Get on with the business of your business and time will take care of itself.