There are a few different types of people we encounter.  It is important to identify them as it impacts your time and your productivity.  There are those who want you to do the work for them.  There are those who want to do the work with you.  And there are those who will do the work for you or for themselves.  Each type can be an asset or liability depending on the dynamic you are in.  But in today’s post we are going to address the ones who want you to do the work for them.  For the most part these are ones you want to distance yourself from, unless, you have time and energy to burn.

How to identify the ones that want you to do the work…

It is not always obvious who these people are because they can have a dual identity.  Their behavior may morph depending on who they are around.  Sometimes these people are not capable of doing what they are leaning on you for and sometimes they are and for a myriad of reasons they just aren’t doing the work.  There are certain tell-tale signs however that can be red flags…

1) Do you find yourself always having to take the initiative.  There is a fine line in between coaching and having to pull someone along.

2) Are you the active creator and implementor?  As in if you were not part of this duo would anything be happening on the project?  Is there true mutuality?

3) There is no real learning or training up going on.  You might as well be talking to yourself.  You may just be a lily pad among the frogs many jumps.

4) Could you be moving farther and faster and more enjoyably without this person?

I am all about helping someone get a leg up.  I love teaching and enjoy every class I teach as well as every client I coach.  But there is a line between empowering and enabling.  Empowering is a win-win and enabling is a lose-lose.  So whether it is in a work or personal environment be aware of who you share your time and talents with…as it is not an equal playing field.