Dancing Forward When Others Are Marching

Expecting your thoughts, words and deeds to change the world is excellent.  It is even better if you have the fortitude to continue dancing forward with this notion when everyone else is marching.

Last week a friend shared she was explaining and conversing with her daughter regarding an action her daughter was not embracing as it did not make sense.  This in a nut shell my friends is the world we live in.  We do not always understand, or even if we do understand, want to embrace that we are all not like-minded individuals.  This is a good thing and lead to all kinds of progress, combinations and collaborations.  On the converse it can also lead to frustration and pain. 

During times of transition so often we wish to find that one true line of thought or action(s) that will make it all better.  If they are easy thoughts/actions all the better!  But here is the thing, like Seth Godin wrote easy and certain are usually not a package deal.  And where it really gets tricky is when what you believe does not mesh with the environmental culture which surrounds you.  The answer is not to dig in and hold your belief(s) tighter, blocking out everyone else’s as that is akin to following Peter Pan’s advice, “Forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again.” 

The answer is, at least partially, operating with your beliefs in a world that my not know what the hell you are thinking or talking about.  It is about creating a balance in between staying true to yourself in an environment that you may need to adjust to so they can embrace you as well.  I am not talking self-compromise.  I am talking about being strong enough in your core belief that you do not have to worry about justifying it or putting it in everyone’s face everyday.  Creating that balance is the only way you will ever get buy in and get people on the bus.

I think I am being generous when I say people do not always embrace what they do not understand.  If you feel you have come across a better way, know two things…1) Force is NOT conducive to permanent change (nor is taunting or demeaning), 2) If you don’t package what you believe with some form of others’ current comfort you will stand alone, which is sometimes absolutely fine.  However if you feel others could benefit and grow from what you know to be true, inclusion through some level of (their) self-identification is the only outreach tool you have.

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