If someone came up to you and said, ‘here is exactly what you have been saying you want,’  would you take it?  Be honest, because if you think about it, at some point chances are someone/something has come into your life that you have said has been missing.  Such as something you put on your ‘if only this would happen…then this could happen’ list.

This is note a judgment, it is a fact that most people do not open the door when opportunity knocks.  The reason they do not open it is because they are busy talking on the phone with the past and are comfortable doing so.  This is a form of free will.  And while free will has been debated for centuries for the sake of this post let’s take the component of ‘morality’ out of it and just boil it down to our ability to pick what we want to do.

So, opportunity is knocking on your door, BOOM, your neuropeptides kick in.  Neuropeptides influence part of your brain when it comes to learning, rewards, etc.  The catch is they can be influenced by our emotions and once that path is created we have to be conscious about breaking it.  This is important to note as emotions are based in past behavior.  Subsequently we will repeat past results. This is only convenient for those who enjoy inaction and have a  decent amount of people around them that support their complaining while doing nothing about it.  For the rest of us it is a call to action.

All this is to say if opportunity is knocking (and it almost always is as long as you are dissatisfied with a component in your life) it is not enough to hear the knock.  You must also go open the door (take action).  Failure to do so will result in opportunity leaving your door and going to the neighbor’s (or competitors) instead.